Piaggio Beverly S 400 HPE 2024 Scooter

Piaggio Beverly S 400 HPE 2024 Scooter

Piaggio Beverly S HPE 400 2023 | Beverly S Scooter 2024 | Latest Price of Beverly S 400 HPE Today 2024

Recently, Piaggio officially launched the large-displacement Beverly 2023 scooter in Vietnam, marking a new milestone in the development history of this model.

Piaggio Beverly S 400 HPE 2024 Scooter

Since its first introduction in 2001, Beverly has undergone several upgrades, creating a modern and powerful version for the market. The Beverly 2023 is not only the top choice for consumers who appreciate Italian-style design but also a formidable competitor to the Honda SH 350i.

With updated aesthetics for a more modern look and a more powerful engine, the Beverly 2023 combines luxury design and impressive performance. Not only does it impress with its sleek and easy-to-control design, but it also provides a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

These upgrades not only enhance the competitiveness of the Beverly 2023 in the market but also attract a large number of consumers with high demands for design and performance.

The renowned Italian automobile manufacturer, Piaggio, has officially announced the introduction of the premium Beverly S 400 HPE 2023 scooter in the Vietnamese market. Available exclusively in the S 400 HPE version, this can be considered the highest-end variant of this model, offering consumers a completely new experience.

With a announced price of 235 million VND (including VAT, excluding other taxes and fees), the Piaggio Beverly S 400 HPE stands out not only for its impressive performance but also for the variety of color options.

Consumers can choose from four attractive colors: Arancio Sunset (orange), Argento Cometa (silver), Nero Tempesta (glossy black), and Nero Meteora (matte black).

Let's explore the Beverly S 400 HPE 2023 scooter at the Vespa store to learn more about its features and technologies.

Shaped as a Maxi Scooter model, the Beverly S 400 HPE promises to create a new trend in the large-displacement scooter segment, especially given the increasing demand for high-performance and convenient design motorcycles.

Overview of Piaggio Beverly 2023 Review

There is no denying that the 2023 version of Piaggio Beverly has made a significant impression from the first glance. One notable feature is the large windscreen, which helps limit wind impact on the rider, enhancing the operational experience.

With dimensions of 2,155 x 800 mm and a wheelbase of 1,550 mm, the Beverly 2023 has specifications nearly equivalent to its competitor, the Honda SH 350i.

The Beverly 2023 not only combines classy design and convenience but also pays special attention to the lighting system. The cluster of lights is designed similarly to Piaggio's Medley series, using two-tier LED technology to enhance brightness and create a focal point for the design.

The beverly S 400 hpe turn signals are positioned below

The turn signals are positioned below, along with the Daytime Running Lights (DRL), making the scooter stand out and stylish. Moreover, the front fender is designed in a very modern style, with thin DRL strips and sharp angular lines, combined with a black plastic panel above, creating a seamless and luxurious look.

The riding experience on the new Beverly 2023 becomes more impressive and convenient with many notable improvements. Immediately noticeable is the large front windscreen, playing a crucial role in limiting wind turbulence to the rider's face, especially during long-distance trips.

On the dashboard, the 5.5-inch single-color LCD cluster with an orange backlight not only displays basic information such as speed, RPM, and fuel level but also integrates additional utility features such as average fuel consumption and time.

Furthermore, the MIA support feature helps connect the scooter to your mobile phone.

The Beverly 2023 does not use a traditional mechanical key. Instead, the smart lock system enhances safety and convenience. In particular, the switch assembly is designed to snugly fit the handlebar, creating a familiar and convenient feeling for the rider. Additionally, the scooter integrates buttons to open the seat and fuel cap right on the handlebar.

the centrally located fuel tank

Another noteworthy feature is the centrally located fuel tank, with a capacity of 12 liters and fuel consumption of 3.7 liters/100 km. The fuel cap in this position allows you to conveniently refuel without stepping off the scooter, providing a subtle yet practical feature in real-world use.

Undoubtedly, the Beverly 2023 has made a strong mark in the Maxi Scooter segment, not only through its luxurious design but also through its convenient and intelligent features.

The storage compartment of the Beverly 2023 is designed with a large capacity, enough to accommodate two 3/4 helmets and various personal belongings, providing convenience during use.

The storage compartment of the Beverly 2023

For the seating position, this model has a seat height of 790 mm. The scooter's seat is made of suede and has a two-tier design, not only creating a luxurious feeling but also providing comfort for both the rider and the passenger.

At the rear, the tail light cluster of the Beverly 2023 is truly eye-catching. The entire rear section of the scooter becomes impressive with a detachable mudguard design, similar to the Aprilia SR GT scooter, along with a large rear handle making it more convenient to push the scooter.

This scooter is equipped with a conventional telescopic front suspension system, not an inverted fork. The rear suspension is a dual-coil spring type that can be adjusted for load, depending on the transport conditions.

In terms of safety, the scooter is equipped with a 2-channel ABS braking system and ASR traction control system, enhancing safety during riding and preventing unexpected wheel slip situations.

Unlike its competitor, the SH 350i, the Piaggio Beverly 2023 scooter is equipped with 16-inch wheels at the front and 14-inch wheels at the rear. The scooter's 'footprint' feels more robust with tire sizes of 120/70 and 150/70, while the competitor uses 110/70 and 130/70 tires.

The Piaggio Beverly S 400 HPE 2023 scooter is equipped with a 399cc engine, SOHC, liquid-cooled single-cylinder, similar to the engine on the Piaggio MP3 400 HPE three-wheeler.

However, this engine has been tuned to provide more power, with a maximum power of up to 35 HP at 7500 rpm and a maximum torque of 37.7 Nm at 5500 rpm.

Compared to the previous 350cc version, this new engine has increased maximum power by 17% and maximum torque by 30%.

This scooter is currently distributed through Piaggio's authorized stores and service centers nationwide. Additionally, this model comes with a 2-year or 20,000 km warranty, depending on which condition is met first.

With impressive features and specifications, the Piaggio Beverly S 400 HPE 2023 promises to be a strong contender in the premium scooter segment in Vietnam

How much is the Piaggio Beverly 2023?

Currently, at Vespa stores, the price of the Beverly S 2023 scooter is offered at a suggested price of 235,000,000 VND (including VAT, excluding registration fees and license plates).

How many colors does the Piaggio Beverly 2023 come in?

The Beverly 2023 scooter comes in Nero Meteora (matte black), Arancio Sunset (orange), Nero Tempesta (glossy black), and Argento Cometa (silver).

What are the dimensions of the Piaggio Beverly 2023?

The Piaggio Beverly 2023 has dimensions of Length x Width of 2,155 x 800mm.

How high is the seat of the Beverly S 400 HPE 2023?

The Beverly 400 HPE 2023 scooter has a seat height of 790 mm.
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