Vespa Sprint Moss Green Limited Edition

Vespa Sprint Moss Green Limited Edition

The Moss Green Vespa Sprint limited edition always captivates onlookers with its charming, elegant, yet entirely natural and rustic lines, creating a sense of familiarity and connection to nature to soothe and balance the psyche in the midst of the bustling and vibrant urban life.
Vespa Sprint Moss Green Limited Edition
Although not as flashy as red or as soft and graceful as pink, the Moss Green Vespa Sprint possesses a unique color that mesmerizes everyone who encounters it.

Vespa Sprint Moss Green Limited Edition

Thanks to the resounding success on the Piaggio Liberty ABS and Piaggio Medley ABS models, the Vespa store has integrated an ABS braking system for the Moss Green Vespa Sprint, making it exceptionally modern and safe for users.
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Furthermore, it is equipped with an anti-lock braking system, preventing the brakes from locking up during sudden braking. This feature absolutely avoids issues like skidding and tipping. It is especially beneficial in road conditions with limitations, common in places like Vietnam.

Moss Green Vespa Engine

The most notable feature of the Moss Green Vespa Sprint is its 4-valve IGET engine, the most advanced in the world that no other scooter in the same segment has been equipped with.
The Vespa Sprint's engine helps reduce fuel consumption, operates quietly, and cools down quickly.

For crowded city streets like Saigon and Hanoi, the fuel consumption is approximately 45 km/liter, while under ideal conditions, it can reach 62-65 km/liter.
Especially noteworthy on the Moss Green Vespa Sprint is the conveniently located phone charging port in the front compartment. It helps young riders quickly and conveniently address phone battery issues when traveling long distances or lacking a spare charger.

The Limited Edition Moss Green Vespa Sprint Features

The Limited Edition Moss Green Vespa Sprint also features a UBS charging port, providing a quick and convenient solution to the mentioned issues.
When it comes to style and fashion, no scooter expresses the owner's personality like the Vespa. Additionally, no other scooter has formed as many communities as the Vespa: The Vespa World, Vespa Stores.
The Vespa Sprint is seen as an inspiration for many artists to create timeless works of art, expressing their personality through the scooters they love and want to convey to consumers.
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