How many colors does the Vespa Sprint come in ? Which color is considered beautiful for the Vespa Sprint?

From ancient times to the present, Vespa has been considered a luxurious and most prestigious brand in the upper class. It is also known as one of the scooters with the most beautiful colors today.

Vespa usually has 4 popular models: Vespa Sprint, Primavera, GTS, and GTV, and the Vespa 946 model. These special editions typically come in only one color.

Among all the popular Vespa models, Vespa Sprint accounts for more than 80% of customer purchases, and naturally, this model offers a variety of different colors for easy selection.

Today, Nhat Tony will help you understand more about this model: 

How many colors does Vespa Sprint have? Which color is beautiful for Vespa Sprint?

Vespa Sprint Colors: According to the official specifications provided by Vespa Piaggio, Vespa Sprint currently possesses about 9 popular colors, including: Black, Red, White, Yellow, Sky Blue, Green, Gray, Orange, Dark Blue

These are the main colors of the Vespa Sprint. In addition, customers can request the store to paint the scooter in a different color according to their preferences.

1. Vespa Sprint Black

Powerful, elegant, mysterious, and charismatic.

Vespa Sprint Black

2. Vespa Sprint Red

Alluring, striking, and eye-catching.

Vespa Sprint Red

3. Vespa Sprint White

Graceful, feminine, pure, and sophisticated.

Vespa Sprint  White With Black Trim

4. Vespa Sprint Yellow

Dynamic, outstanding, and energetic.

5. Vespa Sprint Sky Blue

Impressive, youthful, and gentle.

Vespa Sprint Sky Blue With Pink trim

6. Vespa Sprint Green

Differentiated, robust, and striking.

Vespa Sprint Green

7. Vespa Sprint Gray

Modern, elegant, and sophisticated.

Vespa Sprint Gray with blue trim

8. Vespa Sprint Dark Blue

Luxurious, impressive, and attractive.

Vespa Sprint Dark Blue with black trim

9. Vespa Sprint Orange

Charismatic, outstanding, alluring, and dynamic.

Each color of the Vespa Sprint represents a unique personality for each individual. Therefore, customers can freely choose the color of their beloved scooter without adhering to any constraints.

Which Color is Beautiful for Vespa Sprint?

In life, each person has different choices and opinions about beauty. Some may find one color beautiful, while others may prefer another. Therefore, you should base your decision on your own preferences when choosing the right scooter for yourself.

However, ancient beliefs often suggest that choosing a scooter color that matches one's feng shui or destiny will bring luck, happiness, and wealth to the owner. 

If you are interested in this aspect, you can read the following article:

"Guide to Choosing the Color of Vespa According to Age and Destiny to Bring Luck and Prosperity to the Owner."

Wishing you can choose the perfect scooter for yourself and don't forget to visit the Vespa Store to read more news about Vespa scooters.
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