Vespa GTV HPE 300 2024 Scooter

Vespa GTV HPE 300 2024 Scooter

Vespa GTV 2024 | Vespa GTV 2024 Price | How much is Vespa GTV 300 HPE | Latest Vespa GTV 300 HPE Price today 2024

Are you ready to upgrade your life with the Vespa GTV HPE 2024? This is not just a scooter – it's an icon of style, class, and technology! The Full LED 2-tier headlight system enhances visibility, ensuring absolute safety on every road.
Vespa GTV HPE 300 2024 Scooter

The 300cc HPE engine, with a maximum power of 23.8 horsepower at 8,250 RPM, delivers impressive acceleration and superior riding performance. Integrated with ASR traction control and a 2-channel ABS braking system, the Vespa GTV HPE 2024 prioritizes safety.

The 12-inch alloy wheels with a robust and stylish 5-spoke design add a touch of elegance.

Powerful and Fuel-Efficient HPE Engine 

Equipped with the 300cc HPE engine, the Vespa GTV 2024 is not only powerful with 23.8 HP at 8,250 RPM but also fuel-efficient, consuming only about 30.3 km/l. 

Top-notch Safety Features 

Safety has never been easier with the 2-channel ABS braking system and ASR traction control. This gives you a more confident feeling when handling the scooter in any situation.

Luxurious Design and Outstanding Features

In addition to the 12-inch alloy wheels and premium LED lights, the Vespa GTV 2024 also has an appropriate seat height, making it easy to control while moving. 

In this year, Piaggio will officially introduce the Vespa GTV 2024 to the Vietnamese market, also known as Vespa GTV 300 HPE, marking a new milestone in the history of scooter design. This model is a perfect combination of the familiar classic beauty of Vespa and advanced features of modern technology. 

Design and Utility Features Of Vespa GTV

The Vespa GTV 2024 comes with new paint colors and many modern utility features, from advanced LED lighting systems, digital displays, to safety features like ABS brakes. Moreover, this scooter also features an independent suspension system, enhancing driving ability and comfort for users.

The Vespa GTV 2024 is considered an iconic scooter from the Italian brand, targeting customers who want to experience the thrill of sports or those who love exploring long roads. 

Vespa GTV 2024: Classic and Modern in Every Detail Price and Color Versions 

According to information from Piaggio, the new Vespa GTV 300 of 2024 is priced at 159.8 million VND (including VAT, excluding other taxes and fees). Vespa GTV 2024 is available in two main colors:

Vespa GTV 300 2024 in Beige Sand - BEIGE SABBIA:  159,800,000 VND
Vespa GTV 300 2024 in Titanium Gray - GREY TITANIO:  159,800,000 VND

Design and Technological Improvements

The new 2024 Vespa GTV not only has an impressive design but also continuously improves and enhances modern technology. All of these are done to enhance competitiveness in the 300-400cc scooter segment. This model carries the symbolic values of Vespa: a combination of classic beauty and modern technology. 

Classic Beauty, Elegant Vespa GTV 2024 

One of the special features of Vespa GTV 2024 is maintaining its classic, elegant design. Despite many technological and feature improvements, Vespa GTV 2024 always maintains its distinctive style. 

Review of Vespa GTV 2024 Scooter: The Perfect Blend of Classic and Modern Colors and Design 

Vespa GTV 2024 brings a breakthrough with the classic "vespone" style combined with new paint colors, especially the sporty orange color. 

1. Highlight Features 

The highlight of this new model is perhaps the details of the front windshield covering the handlebars, changed from the simple matte glass style of previous models to a very sporty and unique orange paint. 

Highlight Features of the Vespa GTV HPE 300 Scooter

This orange color also appears on the wind holes and the scarf covering the front fender, as well as the decals on both sides of the scooter, creating an impressive appearance.

2. Style and Size

In terms of design, Vespa GTV 2024 inherits many elements from the Vespa Sport "Sei Giorni" such as the "Faro Basso" low headlight and the handlebar. The scooter has dimensions of 755 mm in width, 1950 mm in length, and 1375 mm in height.

3. Technological Advancements 

Vespa GTV 2024 not only innovates in terms of design but also has many technological advancements. In particular, the handlebars are completely redesigned, with function buttons arranged in convenient positions to make it easy for the rider to operate while controlling the scooter. 

Modern Equipment, Convenience on Vespa GTV 2024: Combining Classic and Technology 

1. Control Panel and LCD Screen

Vespa GTV 2024 integrates an LCD electronic screen into the classic control panel, providing modern convenience while still retaining the characteristic classic beauty.

vespa gtv 2024 Control Panel and LCD Screen

2. VESPA MIA Application 

One of the useful features is the integration of the VESPA MIA application, allowing the rider to manage calls, music, and even GPS positioning right on the scooter's dashboard.

3. Phone Charging and Storage Compartment

In the front compartment of the scooter, there is a phone charging port and a compartment opening button, adding convenience for users.

4. Solo Seat and Trunk Capacity 

The Solo seat is not only improved in terms of ergonomics but also in material, providing a comfortable sitting experience. The large trunk capacity is also a plus, capable of holding up to 2 regular helmets or 1 full-face helmet.

5. Footboard and Sound Design

The footboard is equipped with non-slip rubber, increasing safety. The step for the passenger is designed neat and harmonious with the structure of the scooter.

6. Smart Key and Smartkey Locking System

Vespa GTV 2024 stands out with its smart locking system. No longer using a traditional key, the scooter is started and locked through a rotary knob and remote.

vespa gtv hpt 300 Smart Key

This system also allows the rider to unlock and start the scooter without taking the key out of the pocket.

7. ABS and ASR Braking System

Integrates advanced safety systems to prevent slipping and locking brakes.

8. Engine Performance 300cc HPE Engine

Provides a maximum power of 23.8 horsepower, ensuring strong acceleration capabilities.

9. Fuel Efficiency

The scooter has a fuel efficiency of approximately 30.3 km/l for mixed driving. 

Engine Performance and Transmission System 

- Cylinder Capacity: 278cc

- Maximum Power: 23.8 HP (Horsepower) at 8,250 RPM

- Engine Type: HPE (High-Performance Engine) with a single cylinder, four-stroke, four valves, and electronic fuel injection.

Engine Performance and Transmission System  vespa gtv 300

- Transmission: Automatic transmission, ensuring smooth operation in all terrain and speed conditions.

- Dimensions and Weight 

Length x Width x Height: 1,975 mm x 775 mm x 1,375 mm Seat Height: 790 mm, suitable for most riders.

Braking System and Safety Front/Rear Brakes

ABS/ASR disc brakes, enhancing safety for the rider, preventing wheel slippage, and avoiding locking brakes.

Tires and Wheels Front/Rear Tire Size

Tubeless 120/70 - 12” (front) and 130/70 - 12” (rear), reducing the risk of tire blowouts and enhancing stability during movement. 

vespa gtv 300 Tires and Wheels FrontRear Tire Size

Piston Diameter x Stroke: 75 mm x 63 mm Overall, with these specifications, Vespa GTV 2024 is designed to provide impressive engine performance, optimal safety, and convenience for users.

The size and weight of the scooter are also optimized to meet the needs of the majority of consumers, providing a comfortable and safe riding experience.

Vespa GTV HPE 300 2024 Warranty and Support 

2-Year or 20,000 km Warranty: Applicable to products manufactured in Vietnam and imported products. With these features and specifications, Vespa GTV 2024 is undoubtedly a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, offering users an excellent riding experience with premium convenience and safety.

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