Vespa Sprint Cement Gray

Vespa Sprint Cement Gray

Vespa Sprint Cement Gray is the latest and most modern scooter model with an extremely sporty, youthful, and dynamic style. The Vespa Sprint Cement Gray is exceptionally harmonious and neutral compared to other colors. 

Vespa Sprint Cement Gray

This Vespa model is suitable for both men and women. Its dusty gray color blends seamlessly with the strong black tone, accentuating a subdued and sophisticated style for those who ride this Vespa.

Currently, the scooter is priced at 85 million VND (excluding additional fees), with the option of 0% interest installment payments over 12 months. 

Vespa Sprint Cement Gray

Equipped with advanced and modern technology, combined with a 'timeless design' to achieve the highest balance and easy control.

Thanks to its inheritance from the Sprint Notte and Carbon series, the Vespa Sprint Cement Gray has replaced the seat with black velvet upholstery, providing an exceptionally comfortable sitting experience compared to leather. 

Vespa Sprint Cement Gray

The scooter features sporty new graphics, and the Halogen lighting system has been replaced with dual-layer LED headlights at the front and LED taillights.

Feel the essence of modernity and sophistication as you ride the Vespa Sprint Cement Gray, a scooter designed to transcend time and achieve the highest level of balance.

The Vespa Sprint Cement Gray inherits all the sophisticated designs, maintaining the original design based on the solid steel frame. The Vespa Sprint Cement Gray carries the distinctive 'bee' shaping, characteristic of the Vespa brand. 

Meanwhile, the front part is bold and masculine, standing out within the brand's product range. The scooter is equipped with dual-layer LED headlights, a convenient USB charging port, keyless trunk opening, and an ABS braking system.

Specifications of the Vespa Sprint Cement Gray

The Vespa Sprint Cement Gray is equipped with the latest-generation Iget engine, a single-cylinder with a displacement of 125 cubic centimeters, electronic fuel injection, and air cooling. 


The scooter achieves a power of 10.6 horsepower, with a maximum torque of 10.2 Nm. It comes with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and a belt drive. The seat height is 790mm, suitable for individuals with a height of 1m60 or above.

Design of the Vespa Sprint Cement Gray

The design of the Vespa Sprint Cement Gray retains the overall style of the Sprint series while introducing changes in paint, decals, and the dual-layer LED lighting system at the front and rear.
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