Red Matte Vespa Sprint - Elegant and Luxurious Edition

Red Matte Vespa Sprint - Elegant and Luxurious Edition

Today, Nhat Tony introduces the hottest model on the market right now: the Red Matte Vespa SprintThis model embodies a strong will, determination to conquer, and a constant desire to move forward.


Additionally, the Red Matte Vespa Sprint is associated with luck, happiness, and prosperity for its owner. It inherits the characteristic robustness while maintaining a distinctive Italian flair.

The Red Matte Vespa Sprint remains a favorite among Vespa enthusiasts. Besides the standard colors of Vespa Vietnam, the Vespa store offers completely unique and fresh choices.


The vibrant red body stands out even more with black details on the front of the scooter, front fender, rims, edges, mirrors, exhaust cover, and handles.


Key features include:

- A large trunk that can accommodate two half-face helmets.
- A convenient USB charging port.
- An i-Get engine, and a front ABS anti-lock braking system.

The scooter is extremely fuel-efficient when driving in the city
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