A Compilation of Unique, Beautiful, and Stylish Orange Vespa Scooters

A Compilation of Unique, Beautiful, and Stylish Orange Vespa Scooters

The Orange Vespa is a bright, vibrant, and warm color, symbolizing fire, the sun, freshness, and an abundance of positive energy. Additionally, it helps stimulate the spirit and provides oxygen to the brain.

Orange is a color highly favored by the youth. It can depict the
'portrait' of the scooter owner as someone cheerful, optimistic, sociable, and fond of socializing. Therefore, Vespa designers often choose the orange color for Vespa scooters to inspire the younger generation.

1. Glossy Orange Vespa Sprint

The Glossy Orange Vespa Sprint represents the latest and most modern scooter model, embodying a sporty, youthful, and dynamic style. Equipped with advanced and modern technology combined with a timeless design, this model brings freshness and positive energy to the owner.

The Vespa Sprint Glossy Orange follows the distinctive "bee" design of the brand. Additionally, its black front end is considered the most prominent and impressive in the Vespa product range. The scooter features dual-layer LED headlights, a USB charging port, keyless trunk opening, and an ABS braking system.

2. Sunset Orange Vespa Primavera

The Sunset Orange Vespa Primavera with its predominant orange color along with gray accents on the sides and mask, exudes a solid and rugged appearance.

The design of the Vespa Primavera Orange is characterized by round headlights suitable for those who appreciate elegance, adding a touch of classic sophistication. Currently, this model is available for purchase at the Vespa Store for 76,500,000 VND (excluding registration fees).


This model draws inspiration from the orange color of the sunset. The scooter's structure is perfect, with many improvements over the regular Primavera ABS model, including front and rear dual-layer LED headlights, a new waterproof leather seat, dust-resistant paint on the entire frame, a differently colored necktie, integrated USB charging port, and an anti-theft key.

Finally, the entirely upgraded wheel rim no longer uses the petal design seen in the regular version. The scooter is equipped with the IGet electronic fuel injection engine, providing 10.6 horsepower to minimize fuel consumption at 7 liters per 318 km.

This helps reduce emissions and noise. The ABS anti-lock braking system on the front wheel ensures maximum safety for the rider. The 12" aluminum alloy wheels and hydraulic single shock absorber at the front contribute to a smooth ride.

3. Sleek Black-Edged Orange Vespa Sprint OR&B

A masterpiece of art, the Vespa Sprint OR&B with Black Edges is a fusion of dazzling orange and brilliant black, captivating those who have long admired the Vespa brand.


4. Sporty Orange Vespa GTS 300

The Sporty Orange Vespa GTS 300 is a combination of contrasting colors (black-gray or orange-black) and is additionally equipped with the Super logo on the side. The identifying features and design of this model lie in the red shock absorber spring and the letter 'S' on the front mudguard.

The-Sporty-Orange-Vespa-GTS 300

The GTS 300 Orange uses a Quasar 4-stroke single-cylinder engine, 4 valves, electronic fuel injection with a power of 15 horsepower, and a maximum speed of 105 km/h. The storage compartment can hold a half-face helmet. The seat height is 790 mm.

Enthusiasts who own an orange Vespa are those who want to attract attention and be admired for their boldness and uniqueness. They often act spontaneously, independently, and are not concerned about others' opinions.

Owners of Orange Vespa:
- Creative, dynamic individuals.
- Impressively fashionable.
- Full of enthusiasm and always ready to burst with energy.

Above are all the beautiful, unique, and rare orange Vespa models that the Nhật Tony has compiled and provided for you. If you want to choose a Vespa model that suits your personality, please contact 0935 820 489. Thank you.
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